Thursday, October 6, 2011

Get to know me

This is my first advertising picture for Gary Comer Youth Center. Anytime I see this picture it just reminds me of how hard I work to show others what I can do as a artist and a very unique person.

This picture is kind of odd but it works. The inking in my eyes could have been a little better but it was one of my first offical inked drawings. Thumbs up to me for making it happen.  
I really like this photo it is the picture that allowed me to step up the still. I mean this picture is the on thing that makes happy to say I am a student of the best art teacher Mr. Elgin.
I know its a little odd but this is a small transformation from being a single style artist to becoming a little more open to my ideas. Thats about it.
Haha this big man here will be my character NICK he is mean and take nothing from anyone. Lets see Jack beat him.
This work of art is my logo sexy is all I can say and you should too lol.

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